Foldable Ergonomic Standing Table

Foldable Ergonomic Standing Table

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Sitting too much can kill you. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. An emerging base of research points to the detrimental effects of something that most people do without much thought on a daily basis (for nearly six hours per day, research finds).

Though experts are still trying to figure out exactly why it’s commonly understood that sitting for prolonged periods comes with a host of negative health effects. Whenever possible, office workers are advised to get up and take movement breaks throughout the day. It’s not always easy to just walk away from the task at hand, though, so in some cases, workers are combining the best of both worlds by installing standing desks.

What if you need to bring your laptop around?

Experience the magic of the origami-inspired portable standing desk.

S - 32.5*24cm,23cm height in open;User height less than 165cm

M - 38*24cm,30.5cm height in open;User height more than 165cm and less than 178cm

L - 42.5*24cm,35.5 cm height in open;User height more than 178cm and less than 188cm

XL - 46.5*24cm,40 cm height in open;User height more than 188cm

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