Gun Alarm Clock

Gun Alarm Clock

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Are you one of those people who set their sights on dozing off again when their alarm clock rings? Forget it! When the Gun Alarm Clock rings you have to grab the IR pistol and hit the bulls-eye as it tilts up. The alarm doesn’t shut off until you’ve hit the bulls-eye several times, by which time you’re guaranteed to be wide awake. You can record your own alarm tones and wake up to the sound of sirens if you like or your own voice screaming WAKE UP, the building's surrounded! The clock has two alarm modes and two game modes that demand precision and a quick response. Not the easiest thing when you’ve just been dragged out of your beauty sleep, but what better way to let off a bit of steam than shooting your alarm clock?
  • A novel alarm clock.  The 'aim' is to hit the bullseye on the alarm clock using the infra-red gun (which has sound effects). 
  • 3 modes:
    1. Time mode: AM/PM display
    2. Shooting mode: The alarm will ring for 3 minutes continuously, the target will stand and the red point on it and the LCD backlight will light at the same time. You have to fire 1 (normal)  or 5 shots (hard) to stop the ring. You can also choose to long press M button to let the ring stop. If not stopped, the alarm clock will ring again after 5 minutes.
    3. Record and replay mode: You can record/replay your favorite voice or sound as your alarm ringtone
  • There is also a game mode to let you enjoy shooting practice: When the handgun aims at the bull's eye accurately, the target panel will fall down, and a voice will comment on your shot, such as "Excellent".
  • LCD displays time and working status
  • Simple setting and use.
  • With this funny alarm clock, you'll certainly never worry about being late for school, work, etc.
  • A great toy/gift for shooting fans
  • Powered by:
    Clock: 4 x AA batteries (batteries Not included)
    Handgun: 2 x AA batteries (batteries Not included)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color:
    Clock: White + Black

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