Miracle Grill Mat

Miracle Grill Mat

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With Miracle Grill Mat you can cook anything you want right on your BBQ or griddle. Food you wouldn’t normally dream of cooking outside is now BBQ-friendly and bursting with the taste of the great outdoors, thanks to this incredible non-stick Miracle Grill Mat. It is 400 x 330 mm. You can cut it to the perfect fit for you.

The family BBQ is one of the summer’s great occasions but we often end up cooking most of the food indoors because it just can’t cook on a BBQ! Loose, or small items like chopped vegetables, beans, rice, chopped or diced chicken or minced beef and bacon just fall through the bars of the BBQ grate and end up covered in ash on the coals below or burnt to a crisp on the gas burners. Fish flakes to pieces, cheese melts into a messy puddle and half of what you’re cooking goes to waste. What’s the point of firing up the BBQ at all if you’re going to spend all day in the kitchen? Then there’s the hassle of scraping and scrubbing all that burnt-on food off the grate when you’ve finished. You want to enjoy your day off, not spend half of it covered in burnt grease!

What you need is to be able to cook whatever you like, all in one place, and all with the great taste of outdoor cooking. And then, when it’s done, just lift the simple cooking mat off and rinse it under a tap, leaving your BBQ as clean as the day you bought it.

Miracle Grill Mat gives you all this and more! Just place the non-stick Miracle Grill Mat straight on the grill. It may look thin but that’s just so that direct heat isn’t dissipated and you still keep that all-important BBQ effect, including those bar marks you love. Don’t worry, the fiberglass material makes it strong and heat proof up to 260°C so you get all the benefits of charcoal heat with none of the mess and none of that dreaded, dangerous, ‘flame-up’ from burning fat.

But it’s not just for normal BBQ food! Because the surface is so non-stick and smooth you can cook food you would never dream of! Fry an egg, pour a pancake mix straight onto the mat, fry rice or beans, even drop grated cheese directly onto the Miracle Grill Mat, it won’t stick and you’ll be enjoying food you never imagined you could cook on your old BBQ!

And the good news doesn’t stop there! Because, once you’ve finished cooking all that amazing food, you can just lift Miracle Grill Mat off the grill and rinse it under a tap or, better still, wash it on the top rack of the dishwasher. Now look at your BBQ - it’s spotless! No scrubbing and no scraping. No burnt grease means no elbow grease!

Miracle Grill Mat also works in your kitchen grill or oven as a great non-stick drip-catching mat or grilling surface for when BBQ season is over.

When you grill with Miracle Grill Mat your days of scrubbing are at an end, and your BBQ becomes your new best friend! 

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