Easy Washable Hair Dye Pens (Set Of 8 Colors)

Easy Washable Hair Dye Pens (Set Of 8 Colors)

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The easiest and quickest way to enjoy a new look!
These Washable Hair Dye Pens are going viral!
They easily allow you to run a design and customize your hair color in just a few minutes...
The best part? The color can be washed out at the end of the day in no time at all.
So you can finally say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming hair dyes!

Easy To Use: Simply run the pen through your hair to create a streak of your favorite color.. you can mix and match colors as well for a unique design!
100% Safe & Non-Toxic: This dye was designed with you in mind and can assure you that your hair will stay in perfect shape after using our product. We've used only organic and BPA free materials!
Wash Out In SECONDS: Hair dye is easily removable in the shower or under any source of running water with a little bit of shampoo/conditioner. So you can enjoy a fresh look every day!
Includes 8 Unique Colors: You will never run out of design ideas with this expansive color palette! (Purple, Blue, Pink, Lime, Navy, Gold, Gray, Pink)
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